What is Hidden Router? - Hidden Router - Fastest VPN Router In The World

So why do you need our VPN Router?

We provide the best speed, reliability, latency and security

Your computer gives out all kinds of information about you, unless you use our VPN service. For example - we know your IP is and that you are currently located in Virginia. That is creepy, right?

*Please note that we use these metrics for demonstration purposes only. They might not be 100% accurate. If you are using a VPN already - they will show the IP and location of your VPN, and not your actual IP and location.

What exactly is Hidden Router?

Regain and Protect Your Online Privacy

There are quite a few reasons why you need to protect your traffic with our router. Some of them are to hide yourself from the always-listening government and protect your basic right of freedom of speech.
You will also protect yourself from different hacker attacks, by not allowing any third party trying to hack you to know where exactly are you located, and also by encrypting all of your traffic, so even if they somehow manage to get a hold of your traffic - it is all scrambled, and unreadable!
As of 2017 - your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can and does sell all your browsing activity, including sites that you visit. They also tend to block certain websites. By using our device - you completely hide all the information transmitted, kind of like a pipe between your Hidden WiFi Router and our servers, so the ISP can not see nor track anything, ever!

A Video Review

We change your IP address

Usually a person online is identified by their IP address. By using our service - we switch yours to one of ours, so it looks like you are coming from a completely different location, this way you leave no tracks! Anonymity at its best. This way you also block all kinds of tracking from your ISP, you block all malicious attempts to hack your home network and helps prevent people from finding out your sensitive data, like your online banking, social network login information and much more!

Protect Your Entire Household

There are many VPN services out there. However they do require you to run them on specific operating systems, with specific apps, and so on. This is why we decided to create one device, that covers all other devices. You want to use it on your streaming device? No problem. On your phone? No problem! It is as simple as connecting to your existing router. Either connect it via one of the available gigabit ethernet ports, or connect it to the HiddenRouter WiFi network, and you are set!


Fastest Available WiFi VPN Router on the planet!
Achieve speeds of up to 250mbps! Closest competitor gives you up to 90mbps for double the price!
Multiple server locations within the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia, premium unlimited bandwidth!
No logging. Ever.

Plug and Play!
Simply connect the device to your existing Router/Modem/Gateway and connect the power cord. And that is all! You can connect to the Hidden Router wifi network (or whichever name you chose for the SSID), enter the password (Defined when you ordered the device), and you are protected!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All of this is backed by our 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee! If you are not happy with your device, or if it does not work well for your connection - contact us, and we will give you instructions to mail the device back for a refund!


We provide 1 year warranty on the hardware. If something happens to the device - contact us and we will get it either repaired remotely, or you can mail the device to us for a repair/replacement.


We will provide support for all our devices, forever. As long as you are using our services - you will get support from us. You can contact us either on Live Chat, Facebook or Email!

We Love Privacy

Zero Logging VPN Service

To ensure that all our customers browsing is completely secure - all our servers come with absolutely no logging.

That means that even if someone asks for information regarding a connection - we can not provide that, as we have no logs on the servers whatsoever. All of that is protected by the 1st Amendment - Freedom Of Speech

So are you ready?

Grab a router now!

Device Specifications

Quad Core Processor ARM based
3 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (1 WAN and 2 LAN)
Dual band WiFi 2.4GHz Wireless N (up to 400mbps) and 5GHz Wireless AC (up to 800mbps)
Block Ads and Malware Ability to block ads and malware network-wide
Plug And Play Once the device arrives - all you need to do is connect it to your existing router or modem, turn on the power, and you are set!
WireGuard Compatible Our device is compatible with all WireGuard VPN providers. So if you want to try out other services - you most definitely can! It is your device, after all!

VPN Service Specifications

Ultra Fast VPN Our service is based on the WireGuard VPN protocol, which ensures always fast speeds.
US, Europe, Australia and Asia Premium Bandwidth Servers We are focused on speed. So all our servers are utilizing between 1 and 10Gbps servers, conveniently located on major hubs, providing the fastest speed possible.
Improve Your Speeds By using our service - all your traffic goes through our super fast servers, so you can reach your destination quite a bit faster!
One flat monthly fee for the VPN service Our VPN service costs $9.99/month. No overages, no hidden fees, and absolutely no logging. Just fast speeds.
Find out more about our VPN service by visiting our store, or by clicking HERE


Available VPN Servers

Don't see a server in your state/country? No problem!

As long as you live nearby a country or a state that has a server - you will still be able to push the maximum of the speeds.

ALL US states are completely covered with full speed and low latency.

Our American servers utilize premium bandwidth, which is very well peered, meaning - even if we do not have a server within your country - you can still get almost full speed from most of our European servers.

ALL EU countries are also covered with full speed and low latency.

Our European servers utilize premium bandwidth, which is very well peered, meaning - even if we do not have a server within your country - you can still get almost full speed from most of our European servers.

Basically if you are anywhere in theUS, Canada, Europe or Australia - we have you covered with ultra high speed VPN servers.

There will be quite a few more to come in the near future! We add servers weekly. If there is a location, that you are interested in, and you do not see it here - please contact us! We most likely have it available, just have not deployed it yet.

Additional Video Reviews

Here you can find some additional video reviews of our Hidden WiFi VPN Router



Anything that supports WiFi or Ethernet connection can be connected to the Hidden WiFi VPN Router

Our device and service are ideal for online gaming and streaming, providing low latency and extremely high speeds!