What Is Hidden WiFi VPN Router? - Hidden Router - Fastest VPN Router In The World
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Let the savings begin!

Budget Hidden WiFi VPN Router m150


Fastest Available Budget WiFi VPN Router on the planet!

Achieve VPN speeds of up to 120Mbps when connected to the Hidden Router via Wifi, and up to 230Mbps when connected over LAN! Closest competitor gives you up to 40mbps for quadruple the price!
Multiple server locations within the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia, all with premium unlimited bandwidth!
No logging. Ever.

Plug and Play!
Simply connect the device to your existing Router/Modem/Gateway and connect the power cord. And that is all! You can connect to the Hidden Router wifi network (or whichever name you chose for the SSID), enter the password (Defined when you ordered the device), and you are protected!


Budget Router
+ 1 Month Of VPN Service

SAVE 35%

Budget VPN Router
$10 US/Canada
$10 International
Billed $10.00 every month
Budget Router
+ 1 Year Of VPN Service

SAVE 45%

Budget VPN Router
FREE US/Canada
FREE International
Billed $120 $49.00 every year


Dual Core Processor
MIPS® 1004KEc™ based
Maximum VPN Speeds
Up to 120Mbps over WiFi, Up to 230Mbps over LAN
5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
(1 WAN and 4 LAN)
Dual band WiFi
2.4GHz Wireless N and 5GHz Wireless AC
Block Ads and Malware
Ability to block ads and malware network-wide

Here are some reviews of our Budget Hidden Router


VPN Service
Renewal Only - Requires one of our Hidden Routers to work

Ultra Fast VPN

Our service is based on the WireGuard VPN protocol, which ensures always fast speeds and low latency.

US, Canadian, European, Australian and Asian Premium Bandwidth Servers.
We are focused on speed. So all our servers are utilizing between 1 and 10Gbps servers, conveniently located on major hubs, providing the fastest speed possible.

Improve Your Speeds By using our service - all your traffic goes through our super fast servers, so you can reach your destination quite a bit faster!

One flat monthly fee for the VPN service Our VPN service price starts at $6.50/month (when paid for 2 years) or $10/month if paid monthly. No overages, no hidden fees, and absolutely no logging. Just fast speeds.


VPN Service
1 Month Of VPN Service


Hidden Router VPN Service
Billed $10.00 every month
Requires Existing Hidden Router
VPN Service
1 Year Of VPN Service

SAVE 60%

Hidden Router VPN Service
Billed $120 $49.00 every year
Requires Existing Hidden Router

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All of this is backed by our 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee! If you are not happy with your device, or if it does not work well for your connection - contact us, and we will give you instructions to mail the device back for a refund!


We provide 1 year warranty on the hardware. If something happens to the device - contact us and we will get it either repaired remotely, or you can mail the device to us for a repair/replacement.


We will provide support for all our devices, forever. As long as you are using our services - you will get support from us. You can contact us either on Live Chat, Facebook or Email!

What other devices are supported?

Protect all your devices!


IPTV Streaming Devices

Encrypt all your IPTV streaming devices, to ensure fast speeds and complete online privacy
This includes: MAG Boxes, Android Streaming Devices and anything else that needs network

Streaming Devices

Encrypt all your streaming devices, to ensure fast speeds and complete online privacy
This includes: Amazon Firesticks and Cubes, Nvidia Shield, and basically any device in your house that requires network

Laptops And Computers

Encrypt all your computers, to ensure fast speeds and complete online privacy
This includes: Windows Laptops/Desktops, Apple Laptops/Desktops, Linux Laptops/Desktops and everything else