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December 3, 2019

Private Internet Access VPN to be acquired by malware company founded by former Israeli spy

Well, another giant in the VPN industry bites the dust. The following article contains quotes and links meant to inform VPN consumers concerning the ownership, affiliations, and past business practices of Kape Technologies (formerly known as Crossrider) in light of their acquisition of Private Internet Access VPN. I’d like to start by giving credit where it is due. Forbes did some excellent reporting which detailed the business practices of Crossrider (Kape Technologies) prior to the recent news of their acquisition of PIA. Much of that article will be used for context throughout this one. I highly recommend reading it.[Forbes] These Ex-Israeli Surveillance Agents Hijack Your Browser To Profit From Ads Original: Private Internet Access is in the process of being acquired by Kape Technologies. Kape Technologies is better known by the name under which they were formerly incorporated – “Crossrider” but make no mistake they are the same company which became notorious as an adware/malware producer. [VPNPro] Private Internet Access announces merger with Kape Technologies: Original: Kape Technologies was originally known as Crossrider until the name change in 2018. The reason for that was, as CEO Ido Erlichman put it, “strong association to the past activities […]
November 30, 2019

How is NordVPN unblocking Disney+ ? It is likely using your own IP for that, so be careful!

NordVPN, a company reeling from careless security practices revealed as part of a security breach (one that they covered up for 6 months until they were finally outed for it), had promised to do better. From the NordVPN blog: This is about explaining what we’re going to do to take our security to the next level and make sure nothing like that ever happens again…. We’ve learned our lesson and we want to prove it to you with actions, not just words…. What we can promise is that we have taken this incident to heart and will do everything we can to improve and to win back your trust. That surely sounds nice, but is it true? What I’m about to tell you is distressing, and reveals the true nature of NordVPN’s business practices. Tesonet and Oxylabs See the problem is, NordVPN is linked closely with a Lithuanian data mining company called Tesonet. NordVPN is said to be one of Tesonet’s projects, is another one. So what’s the big deal? advertises on its website “32M+ residential proxies…100% anonymous proxies from all over the globe with zero IP blocking.” Think of “residential proxies” this way: 1.) Oxylabs installs some malware on to a user’s device, unknown to the user, […]
September 26, 2019
Warning - WARP VPN is definitely not a VPN for privacy 2

Warning – WARP VPN is definitely not a VPN for privacy

You may have heard earlier this year that Cloudflare was planning a mobile VPN called WARP. Today, 9/5/19, Cloudflare has officially opened its WARP “VPN” feature on its popular DNS encrypting app to the public – and it’s important to note that WARP is NOT private. What most people don’t notice is that the app passes along your IP address to the destination. Cloudflare first announced their WARP VPN on April 1st of 2019 when they also started a public waitlist. WARP was built on technology which Cloudflare first got its hands on when they acquired Neumob in 2017. More specifically, WARP is a Wireguard VPN. That doesn’t mean that the Wireguard technology (the technology used by Hidden Router VPN), which is powerful and promising, can’t still be intentionally misconfigured to pass along the user’s IP address – or other “random” user-specific identifier – to the destination. And this is exactly what Cloudflare did with their WARP VPN. WARP mobile VPN is not for privacy, not even a little bit. While the original Mobile app sans VPN technology provides a crucial, free service to encrypt DNS queries for otherwise unprotected mobile internet users leaking their DNS queries to […]
September 18, 2019
Some major news concerning IPTV and why you should have used a VPN if you haven't 4

Some major news concerning IPTV and why you should have used a VPN if you haven’t

Greetings everyone. Today we have some news, regarding IPTV. This could easily be the end of IPTV as we know it. But its not only that – the problem is that the IPTV panel that everyone was using is now most likely in the hands of authorities. So that means – if you have watched IPTV, at almost any given time, without a VPN – your IP might be, and likely is exposed. Basically the biggest IPTV panel out there, that handles the majority of IPTV providers was taken down by a large international operation to crack down on illegal streaming. This is huge, because every IPTV out there is fully dependent on that panel. So little by little – all of them are about to go offline. Here is a quick recap of the news, thanks to TorrentFreak, with more information after the quoted text: Police in Italy have announced a huge anti-piracy operation against the company operating popular IPTV service management system Xtream Codes. Searches are reportedly underway in several countries including Italy, the Netherlands, France and Bulgaria, in a claimed effort to dismantle the company’s entire infrastructure. Reports of legal action and law enforcement activities against IPTV […]