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My Hidden Router has no internet. What gives?

If you are having issues with your router connecting to our servers – simply restart it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Or use the restart button at the front of the router.

Reason why this might happen is – we occasionally destroy existing VPN servers and deploy new ones. This is to ensure that security is high and to allow for improvements to the servers and connectivity. 

If you have restarted your router – and still have no internet – here is what you can do:

Unplug your main router/modem (or whatever the Hidden Router is connected to) from the power

  1. Unplug the Hidden Router from the power
  2. Wait around 2 minutes, to ensure that caches are cleared
  3. Plug in your main router/modem (or whatever the Hidden Router is connected to) to the power
  4. Wait around 5 minutes, to ensure that the main router/modem has connectivity
  5. Plug in the Hidden Router back to the power
  6. Wait around 1 minute, for it to boot up and connect to our VPN servers

Thats it! You should be good to go!

If you are still having issues – either open a ticket on here, or start a Live Chat with one of our agents on our website. You can also send an email to [email protected]

Thank you,

Hidden Router Team

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