YouTube Is Having Issues And Is No Longer Working. How Do I Fix It? - Hidden Router VPN
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YouTube is having issues and is no longer working. How do I fix it?

We have had quite a few reports, that people using our VPN router are having issues loading YouTube sometimes.

This issue is caused due to the adblock that is installed on the router. It is trying to stop ads from showing, including on YouTube. Sometimes the list is not entirely up to date, and its causing a loop, which means that by trying to block the ads from showing – its blocking the video from playing as well.

In order to fix that – you can disable the YouTube portion of the adblocker on the Hidden WiFi VPN Router.

To disable that on the Hidden WiFi VPN Router (both m150 and m250) – navigate to 
After that locate (near the bottom of the adblock lists) the one called “youtube” (shown in the image below)

Remove the checkmark (untick it), and then navigate to the bottom of the page, and click on “Save and Apply” and give it about 5 minutes. We highly suggest that you also restart the router after the 5 minutes, so it can clear all cached content.

Thank you.

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