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Updated List Of Servers for Hidden Router VPN

Currently, we have servers in the following locations (Last Updated on 11/19/2018)

North Carolina, US,
New York, US,
California, US,
Illinois, US,
Texas, US,
Florida, US,
Pennsylvania, US,
Colorado, US,
Kansas City, US
Virginia, US
Washington, US
Utah, US
Missouri, US
Arizona, US


Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada


United Kingdom, Europe
Italy, Europe
Germany, Europe
Finland, Europe
Netherlands, Europe
France, Europe
Switzerland, Europe
Bulgaria, Europe
Sweden, Europe
Belgium, Europe
Ukraine, Europe
Lithuania, Europe
Moldova, Europe


Singapore, Asia
Japan, Asia


Sidney, Australia

To view a list of our current VPN server locations – please visit https://hiddenrouter.com/available-wireguard-vpn-server-locations-list/

We do add servers weekly, so if you are not seeing a server you want – just let us know either by opening a ticket here, or by contacting us on our Live Chat

Don’t have a router yet? Grab yours from our store – https://store.hiddenrouter.com/products/hidden-vpn-wifi-router-m250

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