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[NEW FEATURE] 2 routers on the same Hidden Router VPN subscription

Hey all!

James, with Hidden Router here. After giving it some thought and talking to everyone internally – we all decided to offer a new feature!

Have you ever wanted to get a second Hidden Router for yourself or someone close to you? But you are worried that they will need to pay a monthly fee for our blazing fast VPN service?

Worry no more! As of October 1st – you can now purchase a second device (with 1 month included) from your account ( https://hiddenrouter.com/account ) and it will always be active, as long as you have one active subscription with us!

Don’t have a router yet? Grab yours from our store – https://store.hiddenrouter.com/products/hidden-vpn-wifi-router-m250

Thank you,
Hidden Router Team

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