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I live in a restrictive country. How can I ensure that I can use the VPN without being blocked?

There are quite a few countries out there, that usually try to block VPNs from being used, by blocking out the VPN address via DNS (Countries like UAE, China, etc).

To bypass that – you can disable a setting on the Hidden Router. Follow these steps:

Navigate to the admin portion of the router ( or http://admin.hiddenrouter.com )
Then navigate to Network -> Interfaces
Click Edit on WAN interface
(Here is a link that will take you straight there: )
Go to Advanced Settings
Disable “Use DNS servers advertised by peer” option. Its likely ticked – just untick it.
Right under that – a new area will show up, called Use custom DNS servers
Enter the following:
Press the little + sign right next to it
A new area will show up – enter:
Press the little + sign right next to it
Click Save and Apply at the bottom right corner
Wait approximately 10 seconds and restart the Hidden Router.
To restart – you can either unplug the power and plug it back in, or you can go to System -> Reboot ( or use this link to get there directly: ) and press Perform Reboot.

Once its back up – it will work as it should, and will be able to bypass any DNS blocks to our VPN servers.

Thank you,
Hidden Router Team

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