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How do I set up static IP on the Hidden WiFi VPN Router?

So you want to connect your new Hidden Router to your existing router, but for some reason – you want to assign a static IP on the Hidden Router.

To do that – follow this guide. To make everything easier – we are assuming that your existing routers IP address is and you want to Hidden Router WAN to use address

Connect to the hidden router and once you are connected – go to

Then on Protocol – click on DHCP client and select the one above it – Static address.

Then on IPv4 address add
On ip netmask – select
On ipv4 gateway – put in

On WAN under “use custom DNS” – you need to add, then click on the plus icon right next to it, add

Then go to the bottom right corner of the page, click SAVE AND APPLY, and after its done – go ahead and restart the Hidden Router to apply the changes.

After it boots back up – you should have your Hidden Router connected to your existing router with IP address

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