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Changing VPN Servers

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Please note:
To connect to the links listed here – your device needs to be connected to the Hidden Router either via LAN or WiFi.
To change the VPN server – navigate to: (or ) and replace Endpoint Host (on some routers that might be called “Hidden Router VPN Server”) under peers with your desired server.

Press “Save and Apply” (always use “Save and Apply” when editing anything) and then to make sure that it switches to the new server – press the restart button at the front of the router, left side button. If you want to restart the router remotely – just go to and press on “Perform Reboot” and that would restart it.

And you are set!

To get a list of available servers – navigate and log into your account at and you will find a list of the servers on the right side of your screen (or if you are using a mobile device – scroll down and you will find them).

You can also always ask us by opening a ticket here by pressing the Create a ticket button under this article.

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