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August 22, 2019

Kodi warning – Why users will now find it much harder to view illegal streams

Kodi users who attempt to view certain content online without permission may soon be stopped in their tracks. A new crackdown from FACT and the Premier League is aiming to prevent the illegal supply of sports streams in the UK. Although much of this content has already faced a block, FACT and the Premier League say they will continue to monitor any ongoing offending and will escalate enforcement activity for persistent offenders. Just last month investigators and UK law enforcement agencies attended sixteen premises across the UK serving Cease and Desist notices to individuals suspected of supplying illegal sports streaming content. Speaking about the latest crackdown, Kieron Sharp, FACT Chief Executive said: “This is just one of the tactics we deploy against people committing offences that affect sports rights holders and broadcasters. “We have a programme of continuous activity targeting different elements of the global piracy landscape, with consideration given to the scale of the offending so that the most effective and proportionate response is deployed. “The message is clear. If you are involved in any way in providing illegal streaming services, on any scale, you are not invisible or immune from action from FACT, rights owners and law enforcement. “We […]
July 27, 2019
Hidden VPN owners unveiled: 99 VPN products run by just 23 companie 2

Hidden VPN owners unveiled: 99 VPN products run by just 23 companie

On the surface, it may seem that the VPN market is teeming with various companies competing for a piece of the growing consumer VPN pie. However, when we began to look further into the VPNs and the companies that own them, we noticed something interesting: a lot of these products are owned by the same company. With our interests piqued, we decided to dig deeper to see just how many VPN products are owned or operated by which companies. The number may surprise you: Our research shows that at least 99 VPN products are owned or operated by only 23 companies. This includes both cross-platform and mobile-only VPN products. It also includes direct subsidiaries or products/brands, as well as white label services. This represents a much bigger number than was previously reported in other research. For our analysis, we only included parent companies that own or operate more than one VPN product. You can find our infographic that summarizes our research here. Why is this important? When it comes to the true ownership of various VPN products and brands, it’s important to know which company is actually owning or operating the users’ data. There are two big possible issues to consider. #1 Data […]
December 21, 2018
hola vpn botnet

Why You Should Never Use or Trust Free VPN Services – HolaVPN Botnet Discovered

Greetings, Hidden Router readers! We have some not-so-good news, regarding one of the biggest Free VPN providers – HolaVPN. Let us begin, by saying that our Hidden WiFi VPN Router and our Hidden WireGuard VPN Service provide you with the fastest available VPN speeds in the world, while helping you keep your entire household protected. All devices connected to our router have strong encryption, and still run a lot faster than any OpenVPN VPN provider. Now lets get to the news on hand. The widely used free VPN service HolaVPN exploits its users by selling their bandwidth to online criminals and fraudsters and “poses severe risks to the internet community, effectively making every device join a botnet.” security firm Trend Micro said in a report. According to the report, which was posted yesterday (Dec. 18), when users install the free Hola client application, they’re also installing software from Luminati, a sister company of Hola that sells access to residential IP addresses. Luminati’s clients appear to be primarily mobile advertisers, Trend Micro said, but they also include ad fraudsters, data scrapers and full-on cybercriminals, all of whom evade detection by hiding behind the IP addresses of unwitting Hola VPN clients. “HolaVPN […]
November 1, 2018
Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux) calls WireGuard VPN protocol (the one we use) "A work of art" 7

Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux) calls WireGuard VPN protocol (the one we use) “A work of art”

Hey everyone! We just wanted to share something on here, which makes us very proud of our VPN protocol of choice – WireGuard. We have argued that it is a lot faster and more reliable than OpenVPN and IPSec, and now Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, said that it is a work of art. You can check out the source from the mailing list at OpenWall HERE If you do not yet have a Hidden VPN Router – you can grab yours by going to Thank you, James.